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My help Kit is dedicated to help people to improve life and well-being. We try our best to incorporate latest knowledge and scientific research in our articles. These articles are updated regularly whenever new findings come to our knowledge. Our suggestions are based on proven scientific evidence and also from personal experience of the author.

We expect our reader to have deeper understanding about the subject matter

We don’t intend to provide our reader only a short-term fix. We encourage our reader not just to look what is in front but also what is behind. We try to make our reader understand the basics of personal thinking pattern with simple language. We encourage our reader to read our article in a detailed and careful way. We believe that understanding the basics help to take active course of action and to make a sustainable change. So instead of giving a quick fix we encourage our reader to have better understanding and follow accordingly.

We advice to seek for professional help whenever necessary

Please bear in mind that these articles are not substitute to professional help. Moreover it is like self-help and you can try our suggestion just to see if it works for you. But please don’t hesitate to seek for professional help whenever you feel necessary. Everyone in this world is unique and our needs very from one person to another. So a generalized suggestion often will not work best for you. A professional help is customized considering individual difference may give you a better result.

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We like to have feedback from our reader. We encourage our reader to feel free to express opinion about anything to us. If you have come to know any knowledge or new findings about any of our article just let us know, so that we can update our article. Thus you can help other reader to get the most of it. Also don't forget to share with your friends and families about myhelpkit.org so that others might also be helped. You can contact with us through e-mail.


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