Beat Procrastination from Today with 2 Easy Steps

When procrastinate, we waste time, miss opportunities, effect relationship, do not live a life with honor. Procrastinators are simply leveled as lazy, irresponsible, unassuming, while it is a psychological problem that should be taken care of seriously.

People who fail to comply due to procrastination get no sympathy; rather they are treated for committing an offence as if they are criminal. Think about failing to file income-tax-return in due time where individual are punished with heavy fine. Student who fail to submit their assignment are given no chance as if they are willfully doing such thing.

We all procrastinate more or less. But when you miss the schedule, your table or room become untidy for a while, you nearly miss your submission date, submitted something with a last minute hurry with plenty of error, you very often feel you are not ready, or for an impending task you feel that this is not the right time for no reason - then you are obviously a procrastinator and you must fix the problem from right now.

Whether you are a serious procrastinator or mild, you are only two steps away to beat your procrastination. Anyone can stop procrastination following these steps:

  • Start
  • Monitor


Whenever we have a job in hand, we need to start it as soon as possible. Study showed that we have a tendency to finish what we start – called Zeigarnik effect (named after psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik). When a task is left uncompleted, we actually feel discomfort about it. This is why we tend to finish a story book or a movie in a single sitting. So starting a job makes it easier to put more effort in it.

Every day we do multiple tasks. It is not possible to do all the tasks at an instance. The task must be done sequentially or timely. This is where priority comes to aid. Prioritizing helps us to make the job done that are more important even when we are unable to do all of them. To have a productive day we need a to-do-list that guide us throughout the day. Just like a shopping list ensures everything is bought, a to-do-list reminds us our task in hand.

While making a to-do-list, we consciously prioritize some work over other - allocate more time and better time slot to those. Allocating each job its timeslot keep reminding us when to do what. A to-do-list can be made any time in the previous day. But it is best practice to make this at night, because in this way you can take into account about the progress of your current day.

If the task is small then start it instantly or at least make a note to do it in next possible opportunity. For example if your pencil needs to sharpen do it instantly. Don’t wait till the lead ends. If your printer needs paper, go for it, or at least make a note to add it in your next shopping list. If the task is a routine work then do it as no-brainer.

If the task is big, complicated, and need several day or more, then it also have to start soon. The first part of starting a task is to plan actively. Planning actively means systematic planning. Grab a paper and a pen, define the task and write it. A large task seems to overwhelming when we view it as a whole.

Break a large project into smaller parts. Each part should be clearly defined and each one has its own deadline. You should set your own deadline in such a way that the whole task is completed earlier than your given deadline. This way the task seems to be more manageable and you can keep track of it. Every night while preparing to do list, take a look at the planned schedule. Incorporate it in your to-do-list.


While making new to-do-list, you have your previous to-do-list and often one or two schedule for big task. Now you can monitor your progress. For unfinished small task with low-priority, omit them if possible. Otherwise include them in the next to-do-list.

For finished small task thank yourself for each one. For big project acknowledge the progress and thank yourself for the part that is done. When a big project is successfully completed - be proud of what you have done. Give yourself some reward.

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